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A collection of podcasts featuring the AssistPro team.

Strategic Coach Podcast

Episode 2018: Assistants For Coaches And Visionaries
Featuring Jenna Spencer

Episode Description:
Host Shannon Waller speaks with Jenna Spencer, who helps business coaches, entrepreneurs, and visionaries find the right assistant. This person, Jenna says, can extend the leader’s capabilities in an almost magical way that feels like getting to have your cake and eat it too. Find out about her process and her crucial rules for creating a great collaborative partnership.

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Sell Without Selling Podcast

Episode 202: Delegate Your Way to Success
Featuring Jenna Spencer

Episode Description:

Stacey is joined by entrepreneur and founder of Assist Pro LLC Jenna Spencer for a conversation on delegating successfully, taking chances, and finding the right people.

Key Takeaways

  • Business relationships must be genuine.
  • Delegate successfully.
  • Prove yourself through the service you provide.

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The Founder Factor

Episode 2: Clarity Creates Confidence
Featuring Jenna Spencer

Episode Description:
It wasn’t until Jenna Spencer started taking time away from her virtual assistant company that the business really began to grow. Eight years and $5MM later, she still gives herself the rest and space she needs to guide AssistPro in the right direction. In this episode, we explore Jenna’s approach to balancing work satisfaction with personal goals, and resisting the pressure to work around the clock.

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