Heather Simonton

Hiring Manager

Why did you choose to join AssistPro?
I originally sought out AssistPro because I was working way more hours in a week than I wanted to be in my current position at the time and had very little flexibility or life outside of work. I was also newly married at the time and thinking about starting a family. I knew that even before having my children, that they'd be my world, and I didn't want to sacrifice my time being a mom for my time being an employee. I started at AssistPro as a managing assistant and quickly fell in love with the people, mission, culture, and overall processes. There's something to be said and may I say is truly magical about loving your "job" so much that you not only wake up excited to go to work; but you still feel that way 5 years into it. I can truly say, I love my AssistPro home.