Enjoy the Holidays Again, How an Assistant can Help

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With Q4 planning in full swing and the countdown to the holidays quickly approaching, many coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs are so caught up and busy with their businesses that they can’t even begin to think about holiday parties and family gatherings. Let alone shopping for gifts, or anything festive, fun, or merry. Unless that is, you have an executive assistant.

Too many people put virtual assistants into a virtual box, so to speak. They believe they can only do certain functions and menial digital tasks. 

All the Other Things Your Assistant Can Do 

When you have a personal assistant that is the right fit, an assistant trained to manage responsibilities in both your personal and professional life, you will be amazed at “all the other things” your assistant can do for you. 

Often the problem is that busy business coaches and consultants wait until they are overwhelmed, knee-deep in growth mode, and desperate for help to begin considering an assistant. The key is to get an assistant before you think you need an assistant… because when you are already in full swing it becomes impossible to get ahead. 

But imagine if you have an assistant taking care of your email and managing your calendar and supporting you in all the different areas where you need to be fully present. You’re automatically increasing your capacity. 

You Support Everyone Else But Who is Supporting You? 

We see a lot of leaders who are so busy supporting everyone else in their lives: their employees, and their families, that they forget about finding support for themselves. Who is supporting you and your needs? 

A dedicated assistant can provide the full support you need for business, life, and personal support. When you have an assistant who works with you one-on-one, it’s easier to build trust and begin to benefit from their support in your personal life as well as your business. 

Some of our clients have an assistant who communicates with their spouse directly about household matters, vacations, scheduling, and of course – shopping. We’ve seen assistants who handle the bulk of gift ideas, lists, shopping, wrapping – you name it. 

Scheduling for Quality Time

It’s great to be focused on growing your business, but what if it comes at the cost of missing out on family time? Not being present, skipping dinner, soccer games, school plays, or date nights… these stresses and problems will grow alongside your business and hinder your productivity at work. 

If you’re not happy at home – how will your work be affected? You need to make sure you have the support you need before you sacrifice your time at home or work. 

Every busy coach or consultant can benefit from this extra arm to lift things for you. Perhaps it’s an unexpected task, let’s say you need help with Christmas gift ideas. Or in that same vein, you may need to take some extra days off to spend quality time with your family. 

If you have an assistant gatekeeping your calendar, taking care of your reporting, and confirming meetings, it becomes not a question of “IF” you can take time off, but “WHEN”… and your assistant figures out when for you.

Take the time now to set yourself up with the support you need. Once you have a dedicated assistant who learns your style and needs, they will be there to support you in more ways than you may have anticipated.