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AssistPro® provides busy leaders with U.S.-based dedicated virtual executive assistants tailored to meet your specific needs.

Preferred Assistant Services for an EOS Implementer® and Companies Running on EOS™.

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Get 1:1 or team support. Whether it’s delegating important tasks, talking with your clients, or scheduling your child’s dentist appointment, AssistPro is here for you.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed in the day-to-day? Maybe you simply need some weight taken off of your shoulders? A virtual executive assistant might be exactly what you need and we can help you figure it out.

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We match you on more than just a resume. We match you based on a relational fit so assistants work well with your personality and communication style.

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  • Time MaximizerTM
  • Responsibility ClarifierTM
  • Meet Your Relationship Manager
  • Build A Foundation
  • The DASH MethodTM
  • Ongoing Support
  • Growth Guidance
  • Delegation MasteryTM

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