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Case Studies

When it comes to Virtual Assistants trained in EOS®,
Let us tell you how an AssistPro Assistant can help grow your business.

Better yet, let some of our clients tell you.

Sure, we could tell you how having a virtual executive assistant specifically trained in the EOS Process can help grow your business … but we think that the best way to illustrate the difference an EOS-trained assistant can make on your team, is to show you true real-world examples.

Want to learn the secret to how one Certified EOS Implementer® doubled their practice in only six months?

Interested in finding out how an over-scheduled Expert EOS Implementer® was able to find a much-needed “extension of herself” when searching for the perfect virtual assistant trained in EOS … and the impact finding her perfect EOS assistant had on her business?

Curious about how our own company Visionary Jenna Spencer and Integrator™ Faustina Kirchhoff each found their perfect virtual assistants for these different roles within our organization – and the impact that having a virtual assistant trained in EOS played in helping each of them improve both their work-life and personal life?

Each story is unique … but the results are the same: with an EOS-trained virtual assistant, EOS Implementers and leaders at Companies Running on EOS were able to delegate the $25 an hour work off their plate – freeing them up to focus on the “bigger picture” tasks that proved to help grow their businesses. Click on each of the case studies below to gain access!

Byron Attridge Case Study

Click here to read the business growth story of Certified EOS Implementer® Byron Attridge – who, upon being matched with an AssistPro EOS-trained virtual executive assistant, more than doubled his practice in six months.

Debra Niewald-Teschner Case Study

Click here to read how Expert EOS Implementer® Debra Niewald-Teschner not only grew her business with the help of AssistPro’s EOS-trained virtual executive assistants, but helped her free up her time to allow her to focus on her Unique Ability®.

Visionary/Integrator™ Case Study

Click here to read an important Case Study exploring the different roles that a Visionary and Integrator play for companies Running on EOS® — and the specific needs that each role has when it comes to a virtual executive assistant.

Ready to free up your time by delegating to someone who knows, and loves, EOS as much as you do?

AssistPro® can match you with a virtual assistant specifically trained on EOS –
so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.