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Expert EOS Implementer® Case Study

Debra Niewald-Teschner’s Case Study

Debra Niewald-Teschner Case Study

When it comes to growing a client base, the best guidance often comes from seeing how others did it.  Our second featured Case Study is perfect for anyone who knows that they want to continue to grow their client base, knows they need additional support, knows what they are looking for in a virtual executive assistant … and knows how important it is to be matched with the right assistant for their specific needs.

Debra Niewald-Teschner’s Case Study includes many valuable lessons for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who are committed to both growing their business – as well as helping others grow their businesses – all while living their EOS Life®.   Having heard about AssistPro from a colleague at EOS®, Debra came to us looking for our expertise in providing her and her business Wunderground LLC with just the right match for her needs – and someone who could act as an extension of her when it came to client communications – providing rapid responses to her clients while she was in session and traveling. 

Why did Debra (who, as an Expert EOS Implementer®, is the torch bearer of standards) choose AssistPro to help her find the perfect EOS-trained Executive Assistant? Why did Debra transition twice to a new assistant – and what was the process like within AssistPro’s flexible model in order to make sure that both clients and assistants are perfectly matched? And why is Debra’s story, and journey, of such importance to others as they consider how a “Right-Fit Assistant”™ can change their lives … and grow their businesses?

We encourage you to learn more about Debra’s story by accessing this important Case Study – where you’ll learn how AssistPro (and Debra’s EOS-trained virtual executive assistants) played a role in helping Debra gain 9 new clients in the first year with an AssistPro assistant, demonstrate a 220% increase in client volume over 5 years … and show a 68.5 increase in business revenue over 5 years.  Plus, you’ll also learn more (and from a personal standpoint) how AssistPro works when it comes to the matching process – and why Debra believes that each AssistPro assistant she worked with has been the Right-Fit at the right time.

To unlock Debra’s unique Case Study, fill out the form belowThere’s a lot you’ll learn about Debra’s unique journey as an Expert EOS Implementer, as well as a personal look at how AssistPro works —  all which can help you on your journey to grow your own business, as well.

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