Five Qualities That Clients Value in an Assistant

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Every one of our clients has chosen to hire an assistant for different reasons, so it’s fair to say that each of our clients expects something different from the assistant-client dynamic. Over almost 10 years of pairing assistants with clients and jumpstarting the delegation process, we’ve noticed five core qualities that clients value in their assistants.

1. Responsiveness
One of the biggest benefits of working with an assistant is the ability to delegate tasks and free up your time. To truly maximize this benefit, clients need to feel confident that their assistant is responsive and reliable. Make sure you respond to emails and messages promptly and keep your clients updated on your progress.

2. Clear Communication
Just like assistants want clear communication from their clients, clients also want to know what’s going on with their projects. Be proactive about updating your clients on your progress and let them know if you run into any roadblocks or delays.

3. Anticipation
By anticipating your client’s needs, you can demonstrate that you’re invested in their success and committed to providing the best possible service. For example, if you notice that a deadline is coming up, offer to work extra hours to ensure that everything is completed on time. Or, if you see that a task could be done more efficiently using a different tool or process, suggest the change.

4. Appreciation
Clients are often juggling multiple responsibilities and projects, and working with a virtual assistant can be a way to lighten their load. Show your clients that you appreciate their business and that you’re invested in their success. A small gesture like sending a thank-you note or offering to take on an extra task can go a long way.

5. Partnership
Many clients are looking for a long-term partnership with their virtual assistant, rather than a one-time project. This means that they want someone who can understand their business and their needs, and who can grow with them over time. Be proactive about suggesting ways you can continue to support your clients in the future and look for
opportunities to add value wherever you can.

We’re always looking for motivated individuals who possess the qualities above to join our growing base of virtual assistants. If you know someone who would love the flexibility to work from anywhere and have a meaningful impact on their client’s business, refer them to Learn more about becoming an assistant here.