How to Create a Cohesive Remote Work Culture

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There is a lot of information out there about cultivating remote team culture, but what about specifically for businesses, entrepreneurs, and consultants who utilize EOS®?

So how did we get here with a fully remote team? Here is some actionable advice that you can implement today to start building a more cohesive remote work culture.

“Culture isn’t something we just talk about but culture is something we are experiencing in real-time” – Jenna Spencer, AssistPro Founder, and Visionary

Here are a few things that we do quarterly, monthly, and weekly at AssistPro that any company can do to start building a stronger remote work culture.

Quarterly Synergy Summit

Once every quarter the AssistPro team comes together for a “Synergy Summit” on Zoom. This is always the “emotional” stuff, not work/business-related. A lot of entrepreneurs and assistants tend to just focus on work and only have work-related discussions. To break the ice and build some rapport it’s critical to make time for personal talk.

Remote Office Scavenger Hunt

Try having a scavenger hunt around the office to learn about each other.

During our most recent Synergy Summit, our team broke into smaller groups on Zoom. We don’t normally see things like what college football team you’re a fan of, or what’s on your coffee cup, those subconscious cues we get when working in person with someone.

As a leader in a traditional brick-and-mortar office, you’re walking around and seeing these things, what’s on desks, what kind of day people are having. We are missing those subconscious cues, which is part of the challenge of having a remote culture.

Having an activity where you get to see more than the person’s face, but an insight into their environment, their lifestyle, is very helpful as a team-building exercise.

Monthly Focus

Whether it is a part of your quarterly “Synergy Summit” or just a general monthly focus, it’s good to find a health/wellness topic or theme for the month with your remote team and Executive Assistant.

For example, our recent monthly focus was “taking breaks” and we all communicate on Slack, where we share articles, apps, and tools and help each other with accountability.

You might start by asking your team or Executive Assistant, “who took a break today?” A lot of people don’t realize just how fatigued they can become working remotely where there are often not a lot of breaks.

Create an #EmployeeLounge

This is the perfect place to share those monthly focus topics and articles, a Slack channel for some team banter and camaraderie. Think of it as “watercooler talk”, perhaps your channel is #TheWatercooler, whatever fits your personality or style, but the more personable this channel becomes, the better.

People can share pictures of what they are having for lunch, or where they are working.

All of these tips can be implemented with a team or a solopreneur one-on-one with an Executive Assistant. The point is to just have those conversations, ask personal questions, “how is life?” and make room for that casual talk.

Share Your Self-Improvement

Leaders are always trying to improve themselves. Whether it is reading some sort of self-help or business book, or using a new app to manage their health/wellness. Share this with your team and your Executive Assistant. Chances are if you’re working on improving it for yourself, they are too or would like to improve as well.

When we lift each other and help better ourselves and one another, that creates authentic culture and team synergy.

It’s possible to have a productive and positive team who are not only familiar with each other and able to collaborate and communicate well but who have also had opportunities to bond through a few simple regular habits.

At AssistPro we have Executive Assistants who regularly talk to the client’s spouse about various things, and have become integrated with their personal life. While this isn’t the standard by any means, it is an exceptional example of what can happen when making space for those conversations.

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