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As a business professional, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about growth. Growth for your business, growth for your clients, and professional growth for yourself. Have you thought about the professional development of your assistant? An assistant is not a stagnant role and you can help your assistant expand her skills which ultimately helps your business thrive. Here are some ways you can continue to ensure your right-fit assistant is expanding and growing with your business:

Offering Tougher Tasks

Once you and your assistant have a rhythm, a routine, and a good understanding of the role of the assistant seat; don’t be afraid to talk to your assistant about taking on tougher tasks. Sometimes this means taking current tasks a step further, like typing up notes instead of attaching handwritten scans. Or this could mean utilizing more features within your business management tools like Asana, Session Guru, or Salesforce.

Learning New Systems

The onboarding process at AssistPro™ covers some of the systems that our clients use. However, we know that there are other processes, technologies, and software systems that help you run your business. Taking the time to coach your assistant in using these tools will expand their knowledge and allow you to delegate more. This is also an opportunity to find new efficiencies in your ways of working. 

Expanding Responsibilities

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate. Continued delegation is the key to giving you time to work in your unique ability. Over time a great way for your assistant to grow professionally is to take on new and different responsibilities. However, it’s important to take it slow to ensure you’re available to provide support as they learn new roles. A great example of expanding responsibilities are going from coordinating the calendar to proactively reaching out to clients to schedule future meetings and sessions.

The right-fit assistant is invested in your success and continued growth. Providing opportunities for your right hand to learn new skills and expand their knowledge will support both of you and push the business forward.