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Jenna Spencer, the Founder and Visionary of AssistPro®, an executive assistant matching and delegation coaching service created to free up time and create growth for busy leaders joins Enterprise Radio. She recently launched Delegation Works™, a revolutionary educational platform that provides easy, convenient access to the training and resources to help leaders delegate more effectively.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jenna Spencer discuss the following:

  1. Why did you decide to create a delegation mastery program?
  2. Why are so many leaders, and professionals at all levels, not delegating?
  3. How can delegating more effectively not only save leaders time but help to actually grow a business?
  4. What are some of the most effective tips for delegating effectively that you have personally seen help clients put in action to help them in their business?
  5. What makes Delegation Works different from other delegation mastery programs out there?

Jenna Spencer is the Founder and Visionary of AssistPro®, an executive assistant matching and delegation coaching service created to free up time and create growth for busy leaders. Since founding AssistPro in 2014, Jenna has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them find the ”Right-Fit Assistant™ for them and teaching them how to delegate and develop their assistants into leaders, as well. Under her direction and leadership, AssistPro has grown more than 50% each year since its founding – and has led to her creation and launch of an extension of the company devoted to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners master the art of delegation. The educational platform, Delegation Works, provides a proven step-by-step process and unique multi-faceted video course to help people harness the power of effective delegation to grow their businesses.

Her unique business success story began in 2013 when she took the biggest risk of her career – leaving her corporate banking job and setting her sights on finding a work-from-home job that would enable her to grow and learn personally and professionally, while also providing her with the opportunity to achieve that important work-life balance. After months of searching for the right opportunity, she took a chance and answered an Atlanta Craigslist ad – and was lucky to reach out to two EOS Implementers who would end up becoming her invaluable mentors – not only taking the job as their assistant, but effectively doing the job from her home in South Carolina. She quickly fell in love with not only the role but the process and culture of EOS®.

Website: https://www.delegationworks.com

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