What People Are Saying About AssistPro®

Hear from our clients.

Hear from our clients about how AssistPro has helped them.

April Plumley from AssistPro has been my Executive Assistant since the beginning of my role as a Certified EOS Implementer®. She has done great work and taken care of tasks that allow me to focus most of my energy delivering great EOS® sessions with my clients and business development for my practice. I highly recommend Assist Pro to any business leader or business service provider who wants to spend more of their time doing those things that create the most value for their business and clients.

Bill Stratton

I’ve been a client for almost 7 years and couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve had the same great assistant the entire time and in the rare times when she had to be out, like maternity leave, they provide a great interim solution. I couldn’t ask for more – makes Running my EOS® business a breeze!

Brett Stewart, Certified EOS Implementer®

Thank you, AssistPro®, for finding the perfect fit assistant for me! Alexandra has been phenomenal to work with! She gets so much done, and saves our teams lots of time by supporting us in our day-to-day planning. I knew she would be a great fit because she displays the core values of AssistPro AND our company! If you have been thinking about hiring an assistant, I highly recommend contacting AssistPro!

Megan Zapatero

Three and a half years ago I had a need for some administrative help because I was doing everything and working a lot of hours. I reached out to AssistPro® and they connected me with Emily Robertson. Since the first month when Emily did 55 hours of work for me (all work I was doing!) I have known she was the right person and a perfect fit for the work I needed. I have bragged about Emily to my EOS® clients and dozens of times I have heard “Scott, how do I get an Emily?” She has become a brand in my corner of the EOS universe. Thanks, AssistPro, and it is no surprise to me that you showed up on the new Inc 5000 list. Congrats and thank you! Note to my network: Don’t you dare try to recruit my Emily, go find your own!

Scott Patchin

I think AssistPro® is pretty differentiated in terms of getting assistants. I know there are lots of companies that do this and there are, you can get an assistant on your own. What I found really useful was that their process was very straightforward but very precise. Now, I have a much more smoothly-running business.

Mitchell York

Without the aid of AssistPro®, I’d be lost…and was, for quite some time. As an entrepreneur, since we come up with ideas on our own, we naturally try to implement them on our own too. But for me, going-it-alone never got me traction. Fortunately, AssistPro found the PERFECT person to channel my charisma & energy into results, while simultaneously preventing my absent-mindedness, scheduling ineptitude, and lack of focus from getting in the way! Thank you, AssistPro!

Dennis Andres

I can’t thank you enough for placing the right fit assistant. My assistant is keeping right on track with all client communications and supporting travel. We are both appreciative of the smooth transition and results.

Teresa L.

My virtual assistant finds ways to go above and beyond what I need. She makes an effort to anticipate what is ahead and makes my life easier. As a small non-profit director, her support is incredibly valuable to me. In addition, AssistPro has gone out of their way to be supportive and responsive.

Jennifer R.

I was worried about how to train an assistant and embarrassed for anyone to see my inbox that included thousands of emails and zero organization. My assistant jumped right in and asked all of the right question. My email inbox is no longer a mess. I feel organized which has helped with time management. I am completing rocks quicker than ever! My assistant is the perfect match to our core values, she talks our language, and she feels like family.

Alex F.

AssistPro assistants are the “just add water” version of hiring an assistant. Our assistant makes things stick, ensures we deliver everything on time, and makes our businesses go with little to no training. The water we add is just our style and preferences. It is invigorating to never have to sweat the details and the small stuff. There is no way to describe the feeling of freedom and confidence that gives me.

Mari T.

It’s been a huge relief to have someone who gets me, my business and can help take on those things that are critical but I just don’t have the time to complete myself.

Barb R.