Expert EOS Implementer® Case Study

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One of our favorite things to see at AssistPro is the growth that our clients’ businesses experience from having the support of their AssistPro Virtual Assistant. It’s proof that having the right assistant, delegating tasks to that person, and trusting them to hold up one end of the business, will always lead to significant business growth. 

What sets us apart from other companies is that we share a common goal with our clients. That goal is growth. We want to see our clients’ businesses break through the ceiling and accomplish things that they thought might not be possible. With the right assistant in place, a true partnership that is founded on trust takes formation and impossibles become possible. With the success of a growing business, the client is forced to delegate more, which then provides the assistant with the opportunity to grow as well.

So, how do we fit all of the pieces together to accomplish this goal of growth?

Our matching process is unique in that we don’t only look at experience and skillset to pair our virtual assistants with our clients. Although those things are important, we feel that relational compatibility is the foundation in which trust is built. Anyone can be skilled and experienced, but those things aren’t what makes a person trustworthy. It’s the relationship that develops. The similarities and differences. The strengths complementing the weaknesses. Reliability and consistency. 

All of those things come together to form a relationship founded on trust.

Without trust, there is zero opportunity for success. It’s one thing to delegate tasks, but it’s another to trust someone to fully execute the items that keep your business afloat. If you’re willing to trust your assistant to own client communications, manage your inbox, coordinate sessions and meetings, handle the backend data of your business, and manage any other pieces that bog you down, you’ll open your day to be free to focus on the reasons you began your journey in the first place. 

We fully believe that having the right person in the right seat will always lead a business to success. Your assistant is so much more than an executor of tasks. Your assistant is your business partner and together, you can accomplish anything. The evidence is clear, trust promotes growth, and your assistant will stop at nothing to ensure the success of your business when that trust is established.