Your Guide to Getting Started With EOS® With the Help of Your Virtual Assistant

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As a business leader, efficiency, clarity, and execution are top priorities, which is where the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) comes in. EOS is a powerful framework designed to help businesses achieve these goals and unlock their full potential. While self-implementing EOS may seem like a viable option, the reality is that many business leaders struggle to fully integrate the strategies and tools into their operations. Here’s how to streamline your operations and start Running on EOS™ with the help of an AssistPro® assistant.

The 90-Minute Meeting
The 90 mm is your potential clients’ first experience with you and lays the framework for how you may work together in the future. Your AssistPro assistant can help set you up for success – while also providing a great prospect experience – by sending out invitations, managing calendar availability, and organizing any necessary documents or presentation materials for the session.

The Focus Day®
The Focus Day is the official beginning of your EOS Implementer & client journey. It’s a crucial day centered around team alignment, and can oftentimes be one of the more challenging days for clients who are new to EOS. Your AssistPro assistant can help ensure a seamless first session day by compiling relevant data and reports for discussion, distributing agendas and handouts to participants, and managing digital communication platforms to facilitate seamless interaction among the leadership team.

Vision Building® Day One and Two
The Vision Building Days are two full-day sessions, intentionally spaced 30 days apart. During these sessions, your leadership team will build upon the insights gained from the Focus Day®. They will use tools like the Vision/Traction Organizer® to develop a clear vision for your company, including a three-year picture, a one-year plan, and 90-day rocks (specific, measurable goals). By the end of these sessions, your team will be completely aligned on the vision for your company and have a well-defined plan to achieve it. Your assistant can help create and maintain digital collaboration spaces where the leadership team can work together on developing the company’s vision and plans. They can also ensure that the Vision/Traction Organizer® and other tools are accessible and updated, and provide technical support during the virtual sessions to ensure smooth participation.

The Execution Phase
Once the foundational tools are in place, your team will move into the Execution phase in which your team will maximize the use of EOS tools, ensure consistent application, and provide support as your team continues to learn and grow. During the Execution phase, your assistant can help schedule regular check-ins and reminders for using EOS tools, assist in organizing virtual workshops or training sessions to reinforce tool usage and provide ongoing technical support to troubleshoot any issues that arise while implementing EOS.

Quarterly Sessions
Quarterly sessions occur every 90 days and serve as check-ins to evaluate your performance, address key issues holding you back, and refocus on priorities to achieve measurable growth. These sessions provide accountability and keep your team on track toward your 1-year plan and 3-year picture. Your assistant can manage the logistics of quarterly sessions, sending out reminders and invitations, coordinating participant schedules across different time zones, and setting up virtual meeting rooms with appropriate links and access codes. They can also compile performance data and reports in advance for efficient review during the sessions.

Annual Sessions
The annual sessions are two full days dedicated to working on team health and ensuring that your leadership team remains aligned with your company’s vision. During this time, you’ll update your vision as necessary and set your company up for a successful year ahead. For the annual sessions, your assistant can assist in gathering updated information for the company’s vision and goals, ensuring that all necessary documents are prepared and distributed ahead of time. They can help manage the schedule for the two-day event, handling any changes or adjustments as needed, and providing technical support to ensure smooth virtual interactions before the sessions.

AssistPro® assistants are trained in the EOS Process®, allowing them to better support your business needs and goals. As EOS’ top recommended assistant provider, our team will match you with the Right-Fit Assistant™ who can help you live your best EOS Life®. Click here to schedule a Discovery Call today.