Expert EOS Implementer® Case Study

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A trusted assistant will become your right hand, providing the support you need to focus on what’s most important to you. What is your passion? Is it answering emails and booking travel? Probably not. That is where an assistant comes in, someone with the unique ability to take on the tasks that zap your time and energy leaving you free to pursue your purpose. An assistant can become so much more than someone who manages your schedule, think of your assistant as part of your support system.

There are significant benefits to working and building trust with your assistant. It won’t take long for your assistant to become your trusted right hand.

Anticipating Your Needs

One of the best parts about establishing a strong relationship with your assistant is that with time, trust, and consistency you can expect that they will start to anticipate your needs. Like adding a 15-minute buffer on certain calls, sending text message reminders, or always getting you on the earliest flight. A good assistant will learn and grow with you, paying attention to the smallest of details. Many of the clients at AssistPro™ have been building trust with their managing assistants for years!

Efficient Processes

Once you and your assistant have a rhythm going it’s hard to imagine how you ever worked without each other! Over time, you and your right hand will develop processes and ways of working that will increase productivity. Efficiencies free up more time for your assistant to take on additional tasks and for you to continue to do what you do best.

It’s important to continue to build trust within your relationship with your Managing Assistant. Over time, you two will evolve into great partners and you’ll have your trusted right hand!