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Why does an EOS® practice need an assistant, and more specifically, what makes AssistPro™ assistants the preferred choice for EOS Implementors® and consultants? 

If your company or consultancy is Running on EOS, having an assistant who has an understanding of EOS, the overall high-level process, and specific terminology, is going to prove immensely valuable. 

Why? Because when an assistant is working with an EOS Implementer they are managing the constant flow of the EOS Process® for all of the clients they are working with. Your assistant should be managing all of the pre and post-session processes and tools.

We often see the greatest benefit for Implementers in the communication with their clients. An experienced EOS assistant can maintain a personable and attentive service for every client while your consultancy scales. Often, Implementers will max out at a certain number of clients because a big part of their business is one-on-one relationships. 

When you have an EOS assistant, they are gathering all of the tools and details and have it all ready for meeting day: who is going to be there, where they will meet, and even what they will eat! This all helps an Implementer to manage and run their practice.

Live Your Ideal EOS Life®

Even more important is how an AssistPro assistant helps Implementers live their Ideal EOS Life®. Assistants are managing the calendar and protect an Implementer’s free time. This in turn creates space for EOS coaches, consultants, and busy entrepreneurs to make time for themselves outside of work. You need to have someone to help keep your practice growing. 

“Time is one of our most valuable resources – so having someone to be your partner in managing your time is so valuable.” – Jenna Spencer, AssistPro Founder


EOS implementers tend to work with upwards of 25 clients at a time. Each client relationship is very personable, so it is key to consistently provide great one-on-one client service. 

When you have someone taking care of communications, the clients feel valued and heard. Clients receive answers in an efficient and great way. 

If your clients are not receiving prompt responses, they are not going to be happy. With an EOS assistant, the Implementer can be fully engaged with each client without being pulled in too many directions. What better feeling is there than knowing that when you go into your sessions, your clients are still getting responses and the help they need?

More Ways an Assistant Can Help an EOS Implementer

It is also important to have someone to consistently follow up on leads and manage the warm lead flow, enter data into the CRM, and send “value adds” every quarter. Having someone to nurture your warm leads pipeline is going to help your practice scale and thrive. 

An assistant is extremely helpful with helping Implementers stay on track with all of the things they need to do, which often consists of EOS events and being involved in various small groups.

AssistPro assistants can help your clients to grow with EOS itself as well – by having assistants informing your clients of various events, opportunities, and groups they can join within EOS. An assistant is great at keeping clients plugged in with the other great resources EOS has available to them.

Quality Time and Family

Another big benefit we hear about is from families. From the spouses of EOS implementers, and how they have developed a relationship with the assistant. They may receive flowers, anniversary plants, etc., or when a busy Implementer comes home after a session they aren’t continually working for 3 hours to get caught up. 

This is how you live the EOS Life. Everyone wants a full practice and to be busy but also wants to live the life they want. The EOS Implementer has a heart of service, and as servant leaders, they are serving all of these companies but they must also allow themselves to receive that kind of support. Find the support and balance you need for your growing EOS practice today, schedule your free consultation here.