How Can You Support Someone Like Me?

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f you don’t have an assistant, you are your assistant

— Jack Daly

You’re busy. You have a backlog of tasks that you feel like you’ll never accomplish. Your inbox has more than a hundred unread messages. Your calendar is full of meetings, and it feels like everything is falling between the cracks. With all of your responsibilities, you feel like you’re too far underwater to even begin thinking about bringing on an assistant.

Does this sound like you? Rest easy. Most of our clients come to us with situations just like yours. You are not alone.

So, how can we support someone like you?

Fortunately, we’ve built our processes around supporting leaders of all types. We start first by having a simple conversation with you. We want to know you and your business. We want to know your pain points. We want to know your unique attributes. We want to know these things because this is how we’re able to find the right assistant for you. We believe that having the right assistant is the key factor in helping you succeed.

Using our proprietary matching process, we’ll find an assistant or two who we feel is everything you need in an assistant. You’ll get to interview the potential assistants yourself, and you’ll get to choose which one you’d like to move forward with.

The support doesn’t stop there.  When you’re ready to get started, you’ll move into Onboarding. Our Onboarding process is one that we’ve built and tweaked to benefit not only you but your assistant as well. Our relationship manager will support you and your new assistant in helping you find your groove by answering questions, troubleshooting any issues, recommending CRMs, task management systems, and best practices. Our Onboarding process is designed to set you and your assistant up for success!

Our clients come from all walks, which means that we’ve encountered a lot of unique situations along the way. We believe that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method when working with a virtual assistant. Our approach is tailored to fit you, your style, and your business. From clients who manage several businesses at one time to clients who are just starting out, our tailored-to-you processes are what set us apart from others in our industry.

We also believe in simplicity, so we don’t want to come in and change how you do things. We adapt to processes already in place, but if there’s something that you feel hasn’t been working, your assistant won’t be afraid to suggest another way or improvement. 

Bringing on an assistant does take time.  It is an investment, but it’s an investment with a great return!  Starting out, you’ll need to spend time communicating with your assistant through weekly meetings and daily huddles. However, as the relationship builds so will mutual trust. Soon, you’ll begin to experience a whole new level of freedom that you never imagined possible. 

So what happens after Onboarding?  

You and your assistant will continue to receive ongoing support from the entire AssistPro team. Your assistant will come backed by an entire community of assistants with more than two decades of combined experience. You’ll find that AssistPro, as a whole, is uniquely invested in your success, so we’ll stop at nothing to ensure you reach your goals.