The Perfect Match: A guide to our Right-Fit Assistant™ matching process

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Any professional can benefit from handing off their most time-consuming tasks to an assistant, but as busy leaders finding the time to vet potential candidates can be difficult. That’s why we developed our Right-Fit Assistant™ matching process, used to determine what type of assistant would be the right fit for each individual client.

Relationship-Based, Not Resume Based
Our matching process is about more than checking a series of boxes. As with any other working relationship, personalities play a major role in how successful partnerships will be. This is why we do more than screen resumes for a list of skills. We strive to match clients with assistants who directly reflect their working and communication styles, someone who can be a direct extension of the client themselves.

We Hold Holistic Interviews
We use a holistic approach to uncover what kind of tasks our clients want to delegate and how they prefer to communicate those tasks. This allows assistants to anticipate their client’s needs and lead their clients through the delegation process.

From Launch to Mastery
Once we match a client with their Right-Fit Assistant, the Launch phase begins. During this 90-day period, our Relationship Manager facilitates the initial delegation process, ensuring a seamless transition. We strive to provide continued support to our clients and assistants to ensure that their partnership is successful in the long term.

Our Right-Fit Assistant matching process takes the guesswork out of finding the right virtual assistant to suit your business needs. AssistPro’s experienced virtual assistants can manage your email, calendar, social media, and much more, giving you more time to spend on projects that are actually within your zone of genius. Ready to find your Right-Fit Assistant? Click here to schedule your free consultation.