3 Ways to Maximize Efficiency with Your Executive Assistant

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As a leader, it’s important to focus on growth. But how do you grow without using more time? With an assistant, of course! Here are 3 ways you can maximize efficiency with your assistant, getting back the time you need!

  • Mastering a Delegation Process

  • Implementing a Communication Strategy

  • Holding a Weekly Meeting

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Delegation Process

Do you have a set process in place for when and how you delegate new items to your assistant? (If you’re not delegating on a regular cadence, that’s a great place to start! I suggest every 60 – 90 days). If you’re following the same process every time you need to delegate a task, responsibility or project, it becomes easier and faster each time. We recommend using the DASH™ method from Delegation Mastery™ by AssistPro:

Download, Ask, Shadow, and Hand-off.

Simply this means that you download all the necessary info to your assistant about the new delegation item (they can create an implementation process for you), then ask your assistant to specifically execute the first round of tasks. Next you shadow your assistant taking over execution, and then with the successful completion of shadowing, you officially hand off that task, responsibility, or project. If you have questions or curiosity about this process, connect with a member of the AssistPro team.

Communication Strategy

Good communication is key to successful relationships. 

Does your assistant know how you like to be communicated with? 

Have you shared with your assistant the best way for you to give and receive communication?

Do you need different levels of information depending on the season of life and business you are in? 

We often see that discussing communication at a high level is skipped over. Take time to discuss your preferences and the way that you would like to receive information, updates, and questions. Make sure that you and your assistant are on the same page with this. Communication can get out of sync very quickly, whether you’ve been working together for 5 months or 5 years. If you want to be efficient, it’s important to discuss communication. Only then can your assistant provide what you need as a busy leader.

Weekly Meeting

Do you have a weekly meeting with your assistant? If not, stop reading this and schedule a one-hour meeting right now! If you do, awesome! Meeting weekly with your assistant is crucial to maximizing efficiency because you are able to step back and review all the moving pieces. In addition to reviewing the calendar, to-dos and projects, it also gives you space to get feedback, discuss new ideas, and set to dos and goals for the next week. Your assistant likely has a laundry list of items to review with you as well. How can you be more efficient with your time than setting aside an hour each week to do all of this at once?! It’s an incredibly valuable tool for high-functioning client/assistant pairs. I can not stress this enough. Meet weekly with your assistant!! 

Here’s the Bottom Line

The world and your business need you to bring your best self daily. By focusing on increasing efficiency with your assistant, you immediately create space to do this. Now that you’ve learned these efficiency hacks, how are you going to grow over the next 90 days?

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