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And How They Bring More to the Table Than In-Office Assistants

We’ve been working with entrepreneurs and executives long enough that we’ve heard some common misconceptions they have had about working with Executive Virtual Assistants that seem to come up again and again. From what a VA is capable of and who they are to what the heck is a VA anyway? We know that successful CEOs and entrepreneurs know how ineffective overhead is affecting their bottom line, and if you are only getting admin work out of your assistants, this article will show you how a VA can provide you with so much more, giving you invaluable time back to focus on your business.

The difference with AssistPro™ is we are Executive Assistants, simply supporting you in a virtual capacity. You can think of it as an “in-office” assistant, who just happens to work from home every day.

So you’ve got a better idea of what we’re talking about when we say, Executive Virtual Assistant… it’s above and beyond your typical virtual assistant scenario and designed specifically for professionals in leadership roles. Now, let’s debunk some myths and set the record straight!

MYTH: “A Virtual Assistant is only good for rote and routine admin tasks”

On the contrary, an AssistPro Executive Virtual Assistant manages a wide array of tasks that often comes as a surprise to the uninitiated. We don’t just show our assistants how to complete tasks, we help our clients delegate key responsibilities to their assistant so they don’t have to remember to ask for the task completion each time. The assistant takes the initiative themselves and own what is being delegated.

MYTH: “My assistant probably can’t do that, it’s a local thing”

In our ever evolving world of technology, anything that needs to be done locally can be done virtually. Whether these tasks are administrative or personal, our virtual executive assistants can get it done. We joke that we can do just about anything other than take your car to the carwash for you.

As we pointed out in our previous blog, “Why Hiring An Assistant Makes You Smart, Not Inadequate”, you need to free up mental space by delegating tasks so that you can work on the bigger picture for your business.

MYTH: “A Virtual Assistant lives overseas”

For some VA companies, this may be true, but at AssistPro, we only utilize US-based assistants that can accomplish most tasks an in-person assistant would normally manage.

MYTH: “Working with a Virtual Assistant is a temporary solution”

One of the biggest benefits of working with a dedicated Executive Virtual Assistant is that they are committed to your business for the long haul. Their role may expand and change over time to suit your growing needs. Many of our clients are still happily matched with their assistant after  5+ years.

Now that we’ve debunked some of the common myths about working with a virtual assistant, contact us if you still have any looming concerns or to get started with your custom-matched and tailored fit AssistPro Executive Virtual Assistant to find a better work-life balance today!