Why Hiring An Assistant Makes You Smart, Not Inadequate

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In fact, let’s remove ‘inadequate’ from our vocabulary altogether

One of the top hesitations we hear from people considering hiring an assistant goes something like this: “Do I really need an assistant, though? Maybe I could just cut down on [insert fulfilling activity] to make more time for [insert easily delegated tasks].” Behind these hesitations is a common fear that’s especially rampant in the business world, the fear of being perceived as inadequate or not hardworking. After years of working closely with very high-level, type A executives, we’re keenly aware of the impact our work-worshipping culture has on us. It tells us that we should be able to do everything ourselves, and when we can’t, there’s something wrong with us… we’re not working hard enough

But asking for help because you’re having trouble accomplishing everything you need to in a day, or because you’re absolutely fried by the time you do, isn’t a sign of an incapable or lackadaisical entrepreneur! That would be like telling someone they shouldn’t be jet-lagged after a red-eye flight the night before; our bodies aren’t machines, and we’re going to suffer if we pretend they are. In fact, if you can’t accomplish everything you need to in a day, that says something about your to-do list, not you.

If you’re still convinced hiring an assistant makes you somehow not efficient enough and not organized enough, consider these points:

  1. Delegating smaller tasks frees up mental space so you can have bigger, better, more impactful ideas.

    People have been saying this for decades: society tends to severely underestimate the mental load of organizing, planning, scheduling, and all the other tasks necessary for keeping life moving along smoothly. That’s why hiring a virtual assistant can be so incredibly helpful–it means someone is there to handle all those “little” tasks that add up to a BIG mental load. And with that load off your mind, you free up space to lean into your genius!

  2. Suffering for your business doesn’t lead to success… smart planning and killer strategies do.

    It can be easy to think that, by taking everything on yourself, you’ll garner more respect and success. But chances are, overworking yourself isn’t framing you as quite the strong, capable hero you think it is. And it’s certainly not helping your business. In fact, professor of social and organizational psychology at Harvard University J. Richard Hackman said in a recent study on shared leadership, “The heroic single leader is no longer congruent with the burdening demands of today’s leadership.” So fight the urge to do it all alone, and start delegating! You’ll be surprised how sharing responsibilities and inviting more input from your team leads to smarter decisions, better-executed strategies, and greater overall success.

  3. A positive company culture starts at the top and trickles down.

    If you are a business owner or executive, your personal happiness is as important as your team members. Your clarity and wellbeing have a ripple effect through your company… not to mention your personal life, too. Hiring an assistant to help you declutter and manage your inbox, plan work and family trips, schedule meetings, and handle countless other small but time-consuming tasks will help you restore balance in your life, lower your stress levels, and ultimately have a positive effect on your business. As it turns out, sometimes taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of the people around you.

Social psychologist and author of the new book Laziness Does Not Exist, Devon Price explains, “If you look at a person’s action (or inaction) and see only laziness, you are missing key details. There is always an explanation. There are always barriers.” Extend yourself the same compassion Price is advocating for, and don’t let judgments or beliefs about all the things you “should” be able to handle keep you from accepting a helping hand. Get in touch with our team today so we can match you with the perfect virtual assistant. You deserve it!