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Invest For Success

Finding an assistant is pretty easy these days, but finding the RIGHT assistant takes an actual investment of time. If you don’t have the right person in the support role, you’ll never reach your maximum potential. We understand that time is precious and that it tends to disappear quickly with very little to show for it. We also understand that the thought of finding time on the calendar to search for an assistant can feel overwhelming.

With more than a hundred clients and 7+ years of experience in our industry, we have watched overextended leaders and entrepreneurs take the leap and invest their time into allowing us to help them find the right assistant. If you were to ask any of them now, we are sure that they would tell you that the investment of time it took in working with us to find the right assistant for them, was returned triple of anything they had expected. 

Relationship Building

The investment of time doesn’t stop at finding the right assistant. You must also invest the time it takes to build a relationship with your assistant. Just like any relationship, in order to get to know an individual, you must spend time with them. Virtual relationships are no different.  

Keeping the lines of communication open is a great way to begin to build on this relationship.  Checking in daily by phone or email keeps you and your assistant in sync. With that consistency, trust begins to build and your relationship will flourish. The relationships that our clients and assistants have with each other are truly unique, and we’re certain that had they not taken the time to invest in each other, they wouldn’t have formed the partnerships that they now have together.

Invest In Weekly Meetings

Meetings never tend to be the highlight of the week, but they wouldn’t be a thing if they weren’t vital to a company’s success. If you follow the formatting of the EOS® Level 10 Meeting™, you might find that those weekly meetings can actually be a little fun!  

Investing time for weekly meetings with your assistant will give you both the opportunity to answer questions, iron out any issues, and communicate current happenings. Neglecting this weekly meeting can result in falling out of sync with your assistant, miscommunication, and important items falling between the cracks.


Lastly, let’s discuss accountability. Accountability tends to be one aspect of relationship building that gets overlooked.  In most businesses, team members are held accountable to numbers that they must meet each week for their specific departments. These numbers are evaluated each week during team meetings. When someone is held accountable for achieving a certain metric, it drives their motivation which in turn yields results.

You and your assistant can be responsible for specific metrics as well.  What does that look like for your business? Below are a few examples that may apply to your company:

  • Connector Conversations

  • New Leads

  • New Clients 

  • Number of Sessions Scheduled

Are there other metrics that you and your assistant can be responsible for that will help keep a pulse on your business and motivate results? 

Success is always achieved when you’ve made a significant investment of your time. For example, if you want to achieve excellent health and weight loss, you take the time to exercise each day.  The same is true for growing your business and building trust with your assistant.

If you are ready to invest your time into working with the right assistant, we’d love to connect with you! Click here to schedule a call.