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Too often, as leaders and entrepreneurs we come to the point where we need to take something off of our plate – we need to take back our time and energy – but we don’t want to lose control. Who can we turn to? Who can we trust?

“You have to start with the right person for you.” – Jenna Spencer, AssistPro Founder

He or she may not be “this amazing person so-and-so recommended.” You need to find the right fit for you. That’s step 1 in effectively delegating responsibilities. That’s step 1 in unlocking your growth.

AssistPro™ assistants are uniquely matched with you to ensure that you work with someone who will be able to fold into the EOS Process® and give back your time. Read more about how an assistant can help your EOS® practice here.

To find the right fit, first you need to do some self-reflection. What type of leader are you? How do you currently operate? What do you want to keep on your plate, and what do you want to come off of your plate? What type of relationship do you need to have with an assistant?

Types of Leaders who need to Delegate Responsibilities

1. Process-Oriented Integrator

If you are process-oriented, then you know your current processes inside and out. You know how you want to manage work streams. The constant flow of the EOS Process means that each EOS Implementor® already has a robust workflow that an assistant needs to work within.

You need a process follower that you can trust to tackle many steps in your process. As the preferred choice for EOS, AssistPro assistants are already familiar with the process and ways of working. By partnering with an AssistPro assistant you can focus on ONLY the final, critical steps in the process and ensure the end product is up to your standards.

2. Visionary

You are a creative, high-level thinker with a million things that you want to do, both for your business and at home. You have big plans, but you know that you can’t let the small tasks slip through the cracks either. You tend to want to talk things through, and perhaps even need some emotional support. EOS provides tools to foster your vision, but you need some help in execution.

You need an assistant that can tackle the details of the mental load, so you don’t have to. You need someone to help organize your thoughts, to be your “third hand.” You may even need an assistant integrated with your spouse and help with personal calendar management. Hear more about taking back your time in this podcast.

3. Need to Maintain Control

You are starting to get overwhelmed with your to-do list, but are worried that “no one can do it like I can.” Many entrepreneurs feel this way at some point in their journey.

You need someone who can take 60-80% of the tasks off your plate but will ensure that you see the end product or complete the last 20% yourself – to control your delivery standards. The EOS Process will take you part of the way on your journey, but a matched AssistPro assistant will help you deliver on the process while focusing your time and energy on growth.


Finding the right fit to help on your delegation journey means that you:

“Free up your zone of genius, and what you do best, to the degree that you can grow at a much faster rate.” – Jenna Spencer, AssistPro Founder

Whether you are process-oriented, more of a visionary, or just want to continue to hold onto a sense of control, finding the right person will allow you to refocus your energy and time on the things that you do best and that grow your business.

Delegation is a big step toward leading a more balanced, EOS Life®. Our virtual assistants and unique matching formula build the trust you need to start delegating successfully. Find the support and balance you need for your growing practice today, schedule your free consultation here.