How a Virtual Assistant Can Help in Any Economy

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As a business owner, you are probably looking for ways to cut costs and improve profitability given the current economic outlook. Rising prices and fuel costs, economic uncertainty, and possible recession are all reasons to sharpen your pencils. As entrepreneurs, we may be used to volatile earnings and keeping our expenses trimmed, but adding in the volatility of the labor and staffing markets puts another layer of strain on our business. 

You may be thinking it’s time to review your vendors to see where you can reduce expenses. Fair. But before you make cuts, be sure you are considering all of the foregone opportunities of those tough decisions.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help in Any Economy

At AssistPro, our virtual assistants add value to your business and your EOS Life®. And they will continue to add value to your business through an economic downturn. A few ways we can help:

1. Flexibility

The flexibility of having a virtual assistant that is not a full-time employee means that the amount of time and support you receive can fluctuate with your needs. Whether you feel like you truly need to scale back services, or (more likely) you need another foot on the ground to help your business thrive, AssistPro assistants are your trusted partner.

2. Integration

AssistPro assistants are integrated into your EOS® system. Working with your assistant provides seamless work streams and fewer headaches, both at work and at home. EOS integration also means your assistant is supporting current clients and your pipeline – ensuring valuable relationships are maintained even in times of uncertainty.

3. Not an In-house Employee

By working with a virtual assistant, you are probably avoiding hiring a full-time employee that will rely on you for a steady salary and employment. During economic uncertainty, the stress of management can weigh heavily. Luckily, you can outsource some of that stress by relying on your assistant.  

The time may come when you need to replace someone on your staff – AssistPro’s trusted assistants can help with interim responsibility coverage to allow you the time you need to find a perfect replacement.

4. Trusted Partnership

AssistPro’s assistants are your trusted partner and are integrated into your EOS Process®. They are used to taking on responsibilities, not just managing tasks. As a partner, your assistant can take on the responsibilities that you need to delegate so that you can focus on the state of your business. Delegation is not the enemy during hard times. Rather, it allows you to focus on the things that will have the biggest impact.

Having an EOS assistant means: “having someone help keep your practice growing. Time is one of our most valuable resources – so having someone to be your partner in managing your time is so valuable.” – Jenna Spencer, AssistPro Founder

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Whether your business is taking off, or things are getting a little tight, our EOS assistants are a valued partner. Find the support and balance you need for your practice today, schedule your free consultation here.