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You and your assistant are a small and mighty team and when you work together things get done! However, if you don’t have a strong partnership with your assistant it may feel like you’re not reaching your potential. I have found that the lack of a “we” mentality is one of the most common things that get in the way of client/assistant relationships. Why? Because without a mutual vested interest in the work you’re both doing the partnership will be stalled. Strengthening your relationship with your assistant will help ensure you have a teammate for the long run.

Here are some ways to integrate or strengthen that “we” mentality:

Celebrate Your Wins Together

Win as a team! When you land a new client or you have reached a quarterly goal, share that success with those around you, including your assistant. It can be as simple as forwarding a celebratory email or sharing your wins during a weekly check-in meeting. Shared investment in the success of your professional and personal life is a unique feature of the client/assistant relationship and one that needs to be nurtured. Treat your relationship with your assistant as a partnership- when you win you win together!


If you want your assistant to be able to anticipate your needs and be your right hand, you need to treat them like that. It starts with communication! Use the words “we” & “our” when you’re talking to your assistant- it’s simple, but trust me it’s powerful. Describe your business objectives as “our objectives”, speak about “our clients”, and “our next project”. Using these personal and possessive pronouns is an easy, but often overlooked way to strengthen your relationship with your assistant. Evaluation

Review Your Overall Business Plan

Your assistant can’t adequately help you move your business forward if they don’t know what “forward” really means. Sharing your business plan with your assistant is a great way to ensure alignment and also to support your growing partnership. It’s important to show your assistant they are an essential part of your team. Give them a look behind the curtain at your company’s business plan and show them how they fit into the success of the business.

Treating your assistant as an important part of your team will have lasting effects on your working relationship and will ensure you have a teammate for the long run. For more tips on how to strengthen your relationship check out my blog about trust.