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Administrative Professionals Appreciation Month

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April is Administrative Professionals Appreciation Month and we have 100 wonderful AssistPro Virtual Assistants™ to celebrate! Every day these wonderful women wake up and ask “how can I help?”. Our virtual assistants keep businesses running efficiently, keep customers happy, and help families get the most out of their time together. Service is what we’re all about at AssistPro and our assistants are at the heart of that. We are so proud of the passion and dedication these women bring to work every day. They juggle family, school, hobbies, and still bring their full attention to their work.

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To date, our AssistPro Virtual Assistants have given over +100,000 hours back to their clients. To put that in perspective, a full-time professional that works 40 hours a week for 1 year will put in about 2,087 hours of work. AssistPro Assistants have put in the equivalent of 48 years of full-time work! Wow! That is 48 years’ worth of time that clients have been able to spend growing their businesses and being with their loved ones. Maybe every month should be Administrative Professionals Appreciation Month!

Beyond the hours we also want to celebrate the strong relationships that our virtual assistants develop with their clients. When a client gets matched with an AssistPro Assistant they aren’t just bringing a task rabbit on to their team. They are bringing on a partner who is invested in their success and who cares about them. Our clients have someone to celebrate with when they close a big deal, and someone to vent to when things aren’t going right. The support and care that our assistants provide are what set them apart.

Thank you to all of the AssistPro Virtual Assistants! Thank you for your hard work, and thank you for your friendship. We have so much gratitude and appreciation for everything you do and we feel privileged to have you in the AssistPro community.

-Jenna Spencer & The AssistPro Leadership Team