From the Desk of the Assistant: Holiday Gifts

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It is a common practice for business owners to send holiday gifts to their clients. It’s a gesture of thanks and a celebration of their continued business relationship. There is a lot of gift-giving this time of year so to make it easy I’ve created a list of 3 things to consider and my go-to list of great gifts, enjoy!

1. Don’t Overthink It

Everyone is giving and receiving holiday goodies every day in December. From company cookie parties to virtual Secret Santas, and so many gift cards! When it comes to thanking your clients with a gift, don’t overthink it. I recommend choosing a gift that all of your clients will enjoy and keeping it simple. Write out a thoughtful card, order the gift, and send it off.

2. Consider a Donation

This year you will probably have a handful of clients that are back to their offices and some that are still working from home. Instead of trying to find a home and business addresses consider a gift that doesn’t require one. A donation in the name of your client is logistically easy and heartfelt. This also gives you a great opportunity to connect with clients over something outside of your day-to-day business.

3. Start Now

Coordinating holiday gifts is a time-consuming process. You can set your assistant up for success by starting now. Work together to get a list of giftees, addresses, a budget (don’t forget shipping costs!), and a few gift ideas. If you are going to do something custom you’ll need to factor in extra time for the items to be created. It’s best to have your gifts sent out right after Thanksgiving to ensure your clients receive them in December & save on high shipping costs. Gino Wickman, the founder of EOS, recommends that holiday gifts be delivered within the first two weeks of December.

Here Are My Best Client Gift Ideas:

  • Charitable Donations

  • Journals & Notebooks

  • Mugs & Travel Tumblers

  • Treats that travel well: Edible Arrangements, Harry & David boxes, Cookie Baskets, Olive & Coco, Popcorn Tins, etc.

-Jenna Spencer