How Does The Virtual Assistant Thing Work?

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Almost everything is digital these days. We can stream music, television, and movies by way of the internet. We’ve moved away from wall calendars and instead keep our schedules on calendar apps on our smartphones. Gone are the days of paper to-do lists. There’s an app for that too. Our files are stored in online filing systems like Google Drive or DropBox, and communication has even become a bit more virtual through text messaging, email, and social media.

With everything we need readily available at our fingertips, a virtual assistant is able to access things like your inbox, an online filing system for managing and keeping up with data, and your calendar right from their own computer, tablet or smartphone. The concept is no different than the work you do as a business owner when you’re traveling. If you can check your email from the sky, a virtual assistant can manage your inbox from their own home office.

In fact, there’s not a lot of tasks that a virtual assistant can’t do apart from picking up your dry cleaning. Virtual assistants can book flights and hotels, schedule business meetings and casual coffee meetings, make phone calls to your clients, manage the backend data of your company, and they can even meet with you “face to face” by online video-call apps like Zoom or Skype. The task list that a virtual assistant can manage is almost endless.  

The internet has made working remotely not only possible, but it is also incredibly beneficial to businesses.

In a recent survey by FlexJobs, 85% of businesses reported an increase in productivity because of the flexibility that remote working provides. It was also determined that by allowing remote workers, businesses could expect a decrease in operational costs. Another survey by FlexJobs found that 65% of remote workers were more productive in their home office than if they were working in a traditional workspace.  

The statistics prove that remote working isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the concept will only continue to spread. Remote working has drastically grown over the last ten years with more than 4.7 million people now working from home. Business owners have realized that working 9 to 5 within the four walls of a brick and mortar company is not necessary to be successful.  

Over the last five years, our company has grown from supporting less than ten clients to now more than 120 clients globally. Our team consists of 70+, highly qualified, virtual assistants in more than twenty different states across the United States of America. Our clients have grasped the benefits of having a virtual assistant, and we’ve designed our processes to make the virtual part of the business feel more personal. Since we match our clients and assistants according to relational compatibility, you’ll get the best of both worlds with us. 

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you’d benefit from having a virtual assistant, let’s chat.  We can help.