Expert EOS Implementer® Case Study

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AssistPro Founder and Visionary, Jenna Spencer, sat down with one of AssistPro’s original client & EOS Implementer™, Randy Taussig, to hear what he had to say about why having the right assistant is the key to success.

Randy came to us in need of an assistant that could support him as he grew his EOS® practice.  He needed someone that could handle the tasks that were bogging him down so that he could focus primarily on his prospects and clients. Randy had been through our matching process a few times and he had been matched with three different assistants. Although each of those three assistants had been great, he knew there was still something missing. The RIGHT assistant.  Despite having tried three of our assistants, Randy continued to trust us and our process, while we honored our guarantee: we won’t rest until the match is right. 

Tiffany Harker joined our team with hesitation. She had been an assistant before, and though she didn’t mind the tasks that came with assistant work, she never cared for how she was treated as an assistant in the other companies she had worked for. Still, she needed to take a part-time position so that she could contribute to her household income, but still be present for her family.  She took her chances and accepted the invitation to speak with Randy.

When Tiffany and Randy connected for their initial phone interview, there was immediate chemistry. Randy felt like Tiffany really got it, she got him, and she understood his situation. Even though Tiffany didn’t have much EOS® experience, she came into the conversation with an understanding of the concept, so it didn’t feel like it was a barrier that couldn’t be broken. When the phone interview ended, Randy felt truly and authentically good about their conversation. So much so that he wanted to move forward with her.

Nearly four years later, Randy and Tiffany are still the perfect examples of why having the right assistant is the key to success. In their first year together, Randy more than doubled his EOS® business and as the trust between each other continued to build, Randy continued to delegate.  Randy doesn’t look at Tiffany as just his assistant. Instead, she’s become a vital component of his company.

Randy “…can tell Tiffany anything, even personal, if it is affecting the business. [Randy and Tiffany] have the ability to have open and honest conversations, and have a real authentic relationship.” 

Tiffany is well known and respected among Randy’s clients. Regularly, his clients tell him that they themselves need a Tiffany. His clients trust her and they know that she’s their go-to person.

It’s stories like Randy and Tiffany’s that cause us to stand by our belief that having the right assistant is the very thing that leads to success. We believe that if you take the time to get the right assistant, invest in the relationship, and allow the trust to build, that’s when you’ll truly experience success with your business.

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