Three Q1 Rocks for Your Assistant

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New Year, New Goals

As business owners, when we look at our business plans for the next 365 it’s easy to see the role we play in reaching our long-term goals. We take the big picture plan and break it down into rocks that we work through a quarter at a time.  The same goes for your AssistPro™ Assistant; goals help your assistant be a better partner and help move your business forward. Here are my three favorite first quarter assistant goals, take a look and talk to your assistant on your next Level 10 Meeting™.

1. Organize files and emails

This is the perfect Q1 rock! Ask your assistant to look over your current files, project documents, and emails and reorganize them for 2021. This way you have everything in the right place for the new year and it is all updated and easy to access. This rock is especially important coming off of the tumultuous year we all had in 2020. Lots of businesses have changed and it’s important that your files are up-to-date.

Example Milestones:

  • Updating templates for the new year

  • Creating new folders for 2021 in your files & emails

  • Archiving files & emails you no longer need immediate access to

  • Review client lists to ensure they have up-to-date information

2. Process Creation

The first quarter of the year is a great time to explore new processes within your business. This can be something simple like developing a system for sorting emails to something more complicated like a client onboarding process. Documenting and implementing your processes with drive efficiency, keep things from fall through the cracks, ensure you’re prepared. Talk to your assistant about what processes she’d like to create or automate.

Example Milestones:

  • Research a project management platform

  • Develop an email sorting process

  • Outline a client onboarding process

  • Implement a potential client touchpoint cadence

3. Research Projects

What kind of standing desk is the best? Should I join a coworking space? Are you interested in utilizing a project management system? Do you need to upgrade your website? If you’re like me, you want to make the most informed decision possible (where are my fact-finders at!) and often you don’t have the time to do your research. This is a great place to tap your assistant and have someone you trust do the background work for you.

Example Milestones:

  • What are the options

  • What is the cost for each option

  • Pros/cons list

  • ·Recommendations

AssistPro Assistants™ are here to help you and your business grow. When you think about your own quarterly rocks make sure you also delegate a couple to your assistant. Rocks give your assistant the opportunity to help manage your business, gain professional development, and grow your partnership.

-Jenna Spencer